Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mowed Prairie

So, I started my job last week, but I had an interview with another landscaping company Monday of that week. Turns out the job I interviewed for is a much better deal, so I decided to put in my two week notice, but since it was only a week into it they told me to just not come in. So, I guess they didn't need me...? And my new job starts on May 10th. One day, one day I will have consistency in my career....I hope I hope I hope.

So, with two weeks off I'm filling my time best I can. I looked into getting a burn permit for my prairie garden, but was turned down because it's within 50 ft of a structure. Several structures, in fact. Ah, it was wishful thinking on my part to believe I could get a permit. But I guess I learned something! Instead, the Tousan and I mowed the prairie:

Over the years, especially the Japan years, i.e. in my absence, the European grasses have invaded. Over the next few days and weeks, a little bit at a time, with a little TLC, I'm going to weed them out. This mowing is supposed to help by simulating bison grazing, and the roots are longer on the prairie plants so they have a better chance (I hope) of coming back from this treatment.

Not a lot more news other than that. Tonight I had dinner with and had a drink with two of my old crew from last year, plus a couple other friends and one new guy who was really entertaining. I was surprised to learn this guy goes to Japan to teach Japanese youth how to dance hip hop! He had me relate the whole story of how I met Shigeki. My face turned so red but it was because it we were crammed in a booth together and I had a hot drink. Really.

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  1. I love the photo at the top of your blog.

    Good luck with the new job! I hope it works out, though I'm most hopeful that the grad school in Norway thing .... ;-)