Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Michigan 2011

Seeing as it's my last day of vacation in Michigan (if this was my journal there would be lots of stars and shine lines around that) I might as well finally blog about it. There will likely be overlap with Santini's entry but I've vowed not to look at hers until I'm done.

Highlights, in list form a la cousin Emily:

1. The beach. It sounds a bit cliche to say there is magic in the air here, but I've thought so for a long time. The weather was perfect the entire time since I got out of my car and stepped into the beach house. I said to the sky (weather gods?) as I was driving through the deluge of rain, "Ok, I'll take this now. As long as the rest of the time is sunny I'll take the rain now." And who knows, maybe it worked. Swimming was good, laying on the beach was hot but still good, and my now traditional jogs to the pier and back were also good. There wasn't a really wavy day like Nikki likes but I'll take the sun and be satisfied.

The view from the top of this thing is also great:


2. The concert and going out on the town with Nancy and Brad. Nancy and Brad took me out to have a good time in Grand Haven, where we had some drinks, danced and played pool. I have never played pool so well before--I even made a shot where I bounced the ball off the side into a hole. Makes me want to play again someday.

The concert, Skillet and Theory of a Dead Man, were not really my style of music to begin with but I really got into Skillet's music and even a few songs of ToDM. Skillet is two men and two women in the main band with a guy on violin and a guy on cello for some songs. The sound was epic, and even though they're a Christian rock band they didn't rub your face in it. Plus being at a concert during sundown is pretty awesome. Nikki and T.J. and I all lived up to T.J.'s namesake and Totally Jammed out to the music.

3. The beach at night with Nikki. In the absence of Emmy, Nikki joined me on the beach this year. It was such a clear night with no moon, so the stars were especially bright. We saw the biggest shooting star I have ever seen down there, so much that Nikki asked if it was a firework. Sylvia said the next morning that it was Nature's firework. So true.

4. Breakfast of oatmeal, blueberries and raspberries. Yup.

5. In our trip to downtown Holland, Nikki and I aided the economy by buying books (one I certainly don't need--Tina Fey's book--but will provide me with entertainment I'm sure) and I bought the kids ice cream at that place that's also a chocolatier. We were provided with another kind of treat--there was a street magician performing outside down the street! We watched him make fun of the teenagers around him, steal a 20 dollar dill from one of them only to cut it out of a lime later on, make balls disappear under cups, turn into oranges and make a honeydew melon appear under his hat. We tipped him (with actual money) and then go the heck out of there before he could steal a twenty from us. Or made fun of us, or something. Definitely not an ordinary event!

On this last night I walked almost to the pier with this classy lady:

With whom I hope to be biking with again tomorrow morning. After I see the stars one more time tonight. She seems very healthy, robust even. That biking does wondrous things. Plus it's like flying.

The last sunset for me here was double:

But really last night's was the best, as it was so clear. Didn't get a picture of it. I wish I could have gotten a picture of Santini that night, as she was bundled up against the cold (hoodie pulled tight and everything) as we were waiting for the fireworks to start, for an adorable effect.

Going back to work is going to suck! And I'll be putting in my two week notice in a week and a half, so I'm nervous for that. I was hoping that we wouldn't have any company parties before I left, but we will be having one next weekend. At least I won't be putting in my notice before then--that would be awkward! Counting down to Norway...and when I get there, I will be blogging more often. An it fits with my blog name, finally.


  1. Nice blogging. I'm glad you had such a magical time. I know it will stay with you for quite a while.

    And nice photos.

  2. BDE said:
    Great post-- interesting and fun. I loved the pictures (the first sunset is now my background), especially the one of the "classy lady." That beach house and its surrounding beaches are definitely magical!
    I look forward to posts from Norway. I have a goal to visit there someday.

  3. Great post, Kels. I copied and pasted BDE's comment from my blog -- she had problems commenting on your site, I think.