Saturday, September 3, 2011

About Norwegian Food

I've heard Norwegians don't care about eating well as much as they do about eating cheaply. Organic here is pricey as it is in the States, a sad result of our strange economy. Anyway, I wanted to share some interesting food items I've come across.

The first is the tube thing. Cheese, cheese flavored with seafood or bacon, and caviar (and other things as well?) come in tubes:

Good ol' cod eggs with sugar and's good on crackers, bread, on eggs and pretty much anything else. And it's pink. Probably not naturally.

Norwegians know that all kids love liver pate. But just in case you forgot this brand reminds you how to make your kids happy:

The two make for a great afternoon snack. Even adults love it!

Clearly this picture should be next in line for their label.

Another amusing discovery was the character Mr. Melk, appearing on Tine Melk's milk cartons. Or cartoons.

They have different ones. This one has a cute (read: lame) poem to teach me Norwegian, I mean it might be there for their add campaign. I love how even though Mr. Melk talks about Facebook on this message, he himself chooses to write on parchment with a quill. At shirtless o'clock. Very nice. Nice try, anyway--I'm sticking to soy.


  1. I remember the caviar in a tube. And the liver paste -- or leverpostei. Gourmet eating. All you're missing is the goat cheese.

  2. That all looks like excellent food, actually. Maren's Swedish friend brought some cheese-in-a-tube with her when she came to visit and one of the tubes also had reindeer meat mixed in. I couldn't quite make myself eat it, but the non-meat variety was actually quite good.

    Sounds like Norway is treating you well - keep up the blogging!