Friday, March 30, 2012

Flowers and Knitting

It's really spring now! So many flowers, and so little ability to choose just one or two to take a picture of and post on the blog!

I meant to look up what they all are, but I at least know a few. We have crocuses, or croci?

And in more than just white and purple:

So fancy. And then this yellow one on campus:

And these purple ones that greet me when I walk back to my apartment:

I went for a long walk yesterday and found the first actual wild flowers in the forest and in the sunny patches in between. First there's a woodland anenome, similar to some species in Minnesota:

I thought these were like dandelions, but after looking at my Norwegian flower book called "Blomster", these are not even the same genus as dandelions, and they're called "hestehov" or "horse hooves". They sort of look like that, but since they grow in disturbed soil they are often on horse trails. Here they are in two angles:

And then I saw this rock in the woodland, and it looks like quartz coming out of it at the bottom:

And I found this moss that looked really cool--looks like it's about to flower:

Borel forest is so nice to lay down and roll around in (when not wet!) because of all the moss.




I have learned a basic knitting stitch from one of my German friends! I'm making a wrap-around scarf:

This is how it started, and now it's like this:

But I will need another ball of yarn. Preferably of the same kind, otherwise that would be a bit weird. I bought it in a big mall far away, but I think I might be able to go to Ski to get more.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to Telemark to volunteer on a small organic farm, with goats, sheep and cows. I will probably bake bread, do more knitting, help on some building projects around, maybe help with the kids a bit. It's a family of a Norwegian husband, American wife, their kids, and another volunteer from Italy. It will hopefully be an interesting and fun experience for the spring break! Plus there's a National Park nearby. I will blog about it when I get back!

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  1. I had to google that internet thing. Not a big news item here. And we still seem to be up and running.

    Your spring break sounds great. I hope it's fun. And good job on the knitting. A nearly lost art.

    So that's what a larch looks like.

    I look forward to hearing about your trip to Telemark when you get back!